Time to Stop the Bed Bugs From Biting!

Time to Stop the Bed Bugs From Biting!

Bed Bug Inspection And Treatment Specialist from Waxahachie, Texas down to Waco- We come to you!

If you’re waking up with bites on your neck, face and arms, you probably have a bed bug problem. You’ve heard stories about bed bugs, but you never thought they could happen to you. Bed bugs can become a seriously threat if not taken care of. You could be bringing the bugs with you. You could be exposing your family to more bites.

Don’t worry – you’ve done the right thing by looking into bed bug treatment in Waxahachie, Texas and surrounding Texas cities! Sandhoff Services Pest & Termite is a reliable choice for full bed bug elimination services. Using one of the two treatments we offer, our professionals can eliminate all bed bugs from a building, no matter where they’ve settled. We offer heat treatment and chemical treatments.

Chemical treatments safely applied to rid your home of bed bugs

Chemical options remain effective but require a longer period of time is to fully exterminate Bed Bug infestations. When it comes to bed bug infestations, the best way to correct the problem is with the help of a highly trained professional. Chemical options provide a more affordable option. Don’t let a bed bug infestation keep you from a good night’s sleep. Contact Sandhoff Services now at 972-268-0331 to allow our technicians to effectively remove the bed bugs at your property.

We also offer heat treatment for your bed bug removal

Heat treatment circulates hot heat throughout the entire structure. Everything from the carpets to the mattresses are exposed to a higher temperature, killing bed bugs and their eggs. Our past customers enjoy taking advantage of our heat treatment service because:

  • It’s a one-day job (we’ll finished by the time you get off work)
  • It’s safe enough so you don’t have to throw away furniture and beds

Sandhoff Services Pest & Termite provides our bed bug heat treatment services for hotels, apartments, home, duplexes, retirement communities and other residential areas. We serve all surrounding cities.