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Sandhoff Services wants you to be able to celebrate outside! Do you have a backyard wedding, birthday party, or event coming up? Let us help you enjoy that time OUTSIDE! By using our fogging technique through out the yard, perimeter of the house, and the foliage surrounding the property we are able to cover all the spots. Protect your loved ones from mosquitoes and enjoy your backyard by calling Sandhoff Services to schedule an an appointment today!

Where are Mosquitoes Hiding in your Yard?

Planter Sawcers & Flower Pots

Watering Cans

Clogged Gutters

Open Trash Cans

Kiddie Pools

Bird Baths

Buckets & Pals

If you’ve noticed any of these instances (or it’s simply been a while since your last inspection), call the professional at Sandhoff Services Pest & Termite. We provide extensive inspection and treatment services for Waxahachie, Waco, TX & Surrounding residents.
There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes and About 175 of them are found in the United States alone.

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Facts About Mosquitoes

Only female mosquitoes bite. Both male and female feed mainly on fruit and plant nectar, but the female also needs the protein in blood to help her eggs develop. Once she’s had her fill of blood, she’ll rest for a couple of days before laying her eggs.

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